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SHINSUNG CNT leads the industry with innovative technology and know-how.

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Privacy statement

<Shinsung CNT> (' ' and below ' Shinsung CNT homepage ') provides privacy and protection of the privacy and interests of the users in accordance with the privacy statement :

<Shinsung CNT> (' ShinsuingCNT homepage ') is a company that will notify you via a website notice (or an individual notice) when you modify a privacy statement.

○ This room is effective from January 1, 2018.

1. The purpose of processing the Personal Information < Shinsung CNT > (' below ' Shinsung CNT homepage ') is to process the Personal Information for the following purposes : The processed personal information is not used for any other purpose than : In the event of a change in the purpose of its use, prior consent will be sought.
A. Subscribing and managing website memberships
Personal information is processed to identify yourself according to the limited personal identification system and prevent fraudulent use of the service.
2. Privacy files status
1. Privacy file name : Shinsung CNT Homepage privacy file
- Privacy : Email, mobile phone number, name, company telephone number, position, department, company name
- Collection method : Enter the author directly.
- Evidence of retention : Communicate with the customer via the customer's voice
- Retention period : 3 years
- Relevant Acts and subordinate statutes : Records on Consumer Complaints or Dispute Resolution : 3 Years
3. Processing and retaining of personal information
① <Shinsung CNT> (' Shinsung CNT Homepage ') retains personal information when it is collected from the owners of personal information, and when it is collected from the owners of information.
② The personal information processing and retention period of each is as follows.
1.<Sign - up and manage your homepage>
<Personal information concerning website membership sign - up and management>is retained for the purpose of use from the work - up and use thereof.It is used.
- Evidence of retention : Records on Collection, processing and use of credit information
- Relevant Acts and subordinate statutes : Records on the Collection, processing and use of credit information : Three years
- Reasons for exception : Delete applicant when requesting
4. The rights and duties of the information subject and the users of the legal representative and the methods of events can exercise the following rights as personal information entities :
① The information subject may exercise his right to exercise such rights as requesting the Shinsung CNT to access, correct, delete, or cancel personal information.
② The exercise of the rights pursuant to Paragraph 1 shall be made in writing, e-mail, fax (FAX), etc. in accordance with Article 41 (1) of the Enforcement Decree of the Personal Information Protection Act for ShinsungCNT and ShinsungCNT will take action without delay.
③ The rights exercise according to Article 1 can be carried out through the authorized representative of the information subject or through a person who has obtained delegation. In this case, you need to submit a proxy according to the Enforcement Rule of the Personal Information Protection Act, Appendix Form 11.
④ The rights of the information subject can be restricted when requesting personal information to be read or to be stopped, according to Article 35, Article 5, Article 37, Clause 2 of the Privacy Act.
⑤ A request to correct or delete personal information can not be requested to delete the personal information when it is specified as an object to be collected in other statutes.
⑥ Check whether the Shinsung CNT requested access according to its information subject rights, requests for correction or deletion, or requests for suspension of processing are its own or legitimate representatives.
5. Writing items with personal information that is processed
① <Shinsung CNT> (' and below ' Shinsung CNT homepage ') handles the following personal information items :
1. <Sign - up and manage website members>
- Required : Email, mobile phone number, company telephone number, position, department, company name
- Optional : email, name, company phone number, job title, department, company name
6. destruction of personal information <Shinsung CNT> (' Shinsuing CNT homepage '), in principle, delays the personal information when it has been fulfilled. The procedures, deadlines and methods of destruction are as follows :
- destruction procedure
Information entered by the user is transferred to a separate database after the purpose is fulfilled (for paper, separate documents) and is destroyed immediately or after being stored according to an internal policy and other pertinent statutes. In such a case, the personal information transferred to the DB is not used for any other purpose than in the case of a case under the Act.
- Due date of revocation
If the personal information of a user is not needed to complete the personal information processing purpose, close the service or close the business within five days from the retention period, and within five days from the retention period.
- destruction method
Information in electronic file formats uses a technical method that can not play the recording.
7. Matters concerning the installation, operation and refusal of an automatic personal information collection device
① Shinsung CNT uses a ‘ cookie ’ that stores the usage information and recalls it frequently to provide individual customized services.
② Cookies are bits of information that the server used to run a website sends to your computer browser and they are sometimes stored on hard disks within your PC's computer.
A. Use of Cookies : To determine the type of visit and use of each service or website you visit, popular search keywords, secure access, and other information that is optimized for you is provided.
B. Install, Operate, and Reject Cookies : You can refuse to save them using the options settings on the Tools > Internet Options > Privacy menu at the top of your web browser. D. Refusing to save cookies can make it difficult to use customized services.
8. Preparing a person for personal information protection
① Shinsung CNT (' ' and below ' ShinsungCNT homepage) handles the business of personal information handling, and is responsible for handling personal information and for personal information privacy.
▶ Personal information protection officer
Name :
position :
rank :
Contact: 02-2135-1421,, 02-2135-4043
※ It leads to personal information protection department.
▶ Personal information protection department
Name :
position :
Contact :, ,
② The information subject may contact any personal information protection related requests or complaints concerning the use of the Shinsung CNT's (' ') services (or business). Shinsung CNT (' and below ' Shinsung CNT homepage) will answer and process the information subject's questions promptly.
9. Changing privacy statement
① This privacy policy applies from the date of enforcement. In the event that changes are added, deleted or corrected according to the statutes or policies, the change will be notified in advance of the 7th day of enforcement.
10. Privacy Statement <Shinsung CNT> (' Shinsung CNT homepage ') is secure in accordance with Article 29 of the Privacy Act and is secure in accordance with :
1. Access restriction to personal information
The company provides necessary measures to control access to personal information through the granting, modification, and cancellation of access rights to the database system handling personal information and uses the intrusion prevention system to control access to personal information.
2. Access control for non-personals
We establish and operate access control procedures for physical storage spaces where personal information is kept.